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    Dr. Deshpande Manoj Madhukar
                                      Ayurvedic Physician

Community Activities                  Lectures delivered.

  1. Some useful Ayurvedic remedies for mentally impaired children at Jivala matimand School Barshi.

  2. Ayurveda”Myths and misconceptions” at Rotary Club Barshi.

  3. Ayurveda- a way of healthy lifestyle at Sarvajanik Wachanalya Barsh.

  4. Simple and effective home remedies from Ayurveda at Kurdwadi.

  5. Panchbhoutik Nidan Panchak and Treatment of Unmad Apsmar in a workshop arranged by V.D.P.C.S.K.Sangali.

  6. Yashwi Chikitsa of Gulm and Gudrog in Sangali.

  7. Arranged camps for detection of diabetes.

  8. Arranged free camp for the patients of Anorectal diseases and treatment with Kshar Sutra.

  9. Appendicitis and its managements by Ayurvedic treatment delivered in the clinical meeting arranged by Ayurved Vyaspith Dombiwali, Mumbai.

  10. “Pranayam & Research done on it” at Swasthya Foundation, Barshi.

  11. “Concepts of Panchbhautic Chikitsa”- In Pune in December 2004.

  12. Treatment of Psoriasis with Ayurvedic parameters at Pune in a national level conference.

  13. "Panchkarma therapy-boon for mankind" at Rotary Club, Pune.

  14. "Development problems of adolescent children" in english medium school at Pune.

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