Guruvarya Late Shri A.V.Datar


About Doctor

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     Dr. Deshpande Manoj Madhukar
                                      Ayurvedic Physician from Pune University.

Seminars & Conferences

  1. Balrog & Ayurvedic Treatment at Thane in 1999

  2. Strirog & Prasuti Tantra (Gynecology & obstatrics) in Ayurved at Nashik.

  3. Raktpitta Parisanvad at Sangali, in August 1999

  4. Aamvat Parisanvad in August, 2000

  5. Maharashtra State Conference on Different Traditions of Ayurvedic Treatment at Miraj in 1993.

  6. National Conference on Panchamahabhut Sidhant at Sangali in December, 1999.

  7. Symposium on Clinical application of Panchamahabhut and Tridosh Theory at Bangalore in November, 2000

  8. Conference on Ojakshay and Hridrog at Beed, in 1999.

  9. Conference on Ayurvedic medicines patent procedure, in 2003 at Dombiwali by NIMA.

  10. Conference on male sterility at Thane in Jan. 2005

  11. Basti Parisamvad at Mumbai in 2002.

  12. Treated thousands of psoriasis patients with fast and long lasting recovery with Panchkarma Procedures, abhyang, herbomineral kitibh Yog, stress management etc.

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