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  1. No Stereotype same treatment ( formula ) for all patients, different medicines & panchkarmas for patients of different body constitutions called as Prakruti in Ayurveda. Though psoriasis is same diagnosis in all patients, the pathoetiology and prakruti, surrounding climate etc. factors require different treatment.

  2. No use of allopathic medicines even in very severe cases.

  3. Medicines prepared by Dr. Deshpande himself with strict ayurvedic pharmacopeias guidelines.

  4. Proved very useful in all types of psoriasis including psoriatic arthritis.

  5. Not just temporary but long lasting relief.

  6. Use of Panelma ( five cleaning -……..

  7. Experience of treatment over 1 recede.

  8. Effective & curative :
                            Treatment available also on migraine , jaundice , allergies, acid peptic disorder, gynecological complaints, lencoderma  , eczema, urticoria piles – fissure- fistula and lots of more.