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            Myths & Misconceptions about Ayurvedic Treatment.

  1. Ayurvedic medicines work very slowly :-- On the contrayin various complaints ayurved works faster than conventional modern medicine the ropy. Mostly patient rea………… to Ayurved at late stage when all the door him are closed. In this condition disease makes its presence on deeper level and thus requires very effective medicines along with proper aahar-vihar ( Diet & behaviour) schedule by an ayurvedic physician. So the time required for relief is extended. And to remove the disease from its root, more time is required.

  2. Ayurvedic medicines are costlier :- Most ot time patient comes to the ayurvedic doctor in detoriated condition. In these situation some medicines containing bhasma ( ash- oxide ) of Gold, Silver, diamond and sometimes certain rare berbs are needed to used. In this scenario medicine cost increases. Panchkarma therapies also require many medicines and strenuous efforts. So the cost becomes high.

  3. Ayurved demands strict diet regime :- As the ayurvedic doctor tries to cure the disease from root, the factors boosting the disease process are needed to be curtailed. So if a patients wants permanent and quick relief then he or she must follow do’s & don’ts suggested by ayurvedic doctor.

  4. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken as OTC product :- No never. If not taken with proper advice and without assessment of individual constitution ( Praleruti ) the ayurvedic medicines could make adverse effect, though not life threatening. So ayurvedic medications should be taken only from trained, qualified, experienced Vaidya.

  5. Bhasma :-The process of making Bhasam if performed strictly according to ayurvedic texts, then not a single formulation makes any advers side effect. Uptill now in the history of Ayrved, hot a single case has been found as the bad effect of medicines. As Ayurved  is getting much popularity, wrong allegations are made by acopathy in  desperation. Thus we assure you that all ayurvedic medicines are absolutely safe even on longer use.


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