Guruvarya Late Shri A.V.Datar


Do's & Dont's


Pathya (Proper diet & behavior) help cure disease faster and avoids recurrence iffollowed sincerely. Mostly patients know what not to eat, but we also suggest what to eat as for as the skin diseases are concerned. Unpolished rice, old grains, tender radish, rocksolt masoor dal, karela, aamla, resins, moong dal, honey, cow milk, pomegranate, , almonds, apricort, apple, fresh onion – carrot, beat-root, turmeric powder, figs are some of the items recommended for frequent use. Soap and other chemical containing cosmetics are discarded. Cotton fabrics are advised . We suggest various tasty recipes those are skin- friendly.

        Salt, pungent, spicy food items, alcohol & tobacco, weight gaining dishes prepared using paneer-cheese, chiness food, fermented food, bakery items, junk food, chilled & refrigerated stuffs, stressful life style – these are certain things that psoriatic patient should avoid as much as possible. With this holistic regime many patients of psoriasis with such an extent that literally 1 cm. Space of body was not spared, patches of hands and feet were oozing are now absolutely symptom free and enjoy very healthy life. Many patients with scalp, lip, hand-foot psoriasis, some having associated arthritis are also having encouraging improvements.


        SO, WE ASSURE –


                                --- WE ARE WITH YOU !