Guruvarya Late Shri A.V.Datar




Vaman – To induce vomiting with scientific method is called vaman. Vaman remvoes excess kaph dosh from our body. So the disease having origine inexcess –Kaph are cured immediately. Asthma, chronic, rhinitis, hyperacidity, loss of appetite, all skin diseases, tuberculosis, hypercholesterolaemia etc. are the disease which benefit  from the Vaman.

Virechana – Removing body waste products through anus by th process of purgation is called virechana. This treatment is prominently for pitta vitiated diseases. Soft vivechan is indicated for Vata-diseases also. Urdhvag raktapitta (Bleeding tendencies for upper part of body), anaemia, herpes infections, spleen disorders, body oedema, haemorrhoid, ascites, semen disorders, ophthalmic, conditions worm infestations are benefited with virechana.

Basti – Putting certain deccoctions, oils, ghee in the body through anus. This is the most recommended karma in all diseased by Ayurvedcharyas. Disease in which basti is most useful tool are –Recurrent pyrexia, kidney ailments with calculas etc. lumbar – cervical spondylosis, fistula in ano, anorectal complaints, ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation,  heart- disease, menstrual problems, slip disc etc.

Nasya – Administrating certain liquid medicines in the nose is called nasys. Diseases appearing above the level of shoulder are benefited from this nasya. Also epilepsy, DNS, hypertrophied turbinates, sususicis speech related problems, eye diseases, ear problems, hair complaints like hair falland greying migraines, etc. show good very good improvement after nasya treatment.

Rakta Mokshan – Removing blood from the body is rektamokshan. This process can be peformed by two ways.
(a) Directly from blood vessel around 75 to 100 ml blood is removed from a vein (a blood vessel carrying impure blood) with disposable, sterile needle.

(b) Jalaukavacharan (Leech application) – Leeches suck impure blood from the lesion or desired area. Raktamokshan is recommended in these disease- All blood born disease, skin diseases, tumour, abscesses, pimples, whole body burning, headache, joint pain, hand foot cracking, chronic tendency of nasal bleeding etc.

Other Effective Procedure

Sirodhara – Medicated warm oil is poured in a fashion of a continuons steam for approx 20 minutes on the area in between two eyebrows. This is the ultimate treatement for stress –related disorder such as hypertension, diabetes,


Depression, anxiety, neurosis, psychoses,  schizophrenia, insomnia etc. Also the ailments of nervous system like Parkinson’s disease, cerebarl artopy, Mental retardness are well. treated with shirodhara  treatment