Guruvarya Late Shri A.V.Datar



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Ayurvedic causes of Tvacha-Vikar ( Dermatological complaints )

  1. Immediate exercise or sex after food.

  2. Frequent & gross exposure to sun & heat.

  3. Excess work, fear, anger, worry.

  4. Consuming cold & heat one.

  5. Holding forcefully the body urges like vomitting, stool- urine, thirst, appetite, sleep , semen, tears, yawning, cough etc.

  6. Eating food on full stomach and in indigestion status.

  7. Bad behaviour with enlightened people like Guru, Saints etc. ( Ayurved is a science strongly believing in spirituality ).

  8. Misconducted panchkarm procedures.

  9. Addictions like smoking, alcohol etc.
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