Guruvarya Late Shri A.V.Datar


Publication & Achievements


  1. An article in renowned Ayurvedic magazine- Patrika on emergency treatment in Ayurveda with special reference to acute appendicitis.

  2. Edited a book – Dermatological Problems- Kustha, Published by Vaidyaraj Datar Research Institute, Sangli.

  3. Article in Lokmat about Psoriasis and Dinacharya.

  4. Articles in daily Sanchar-Kesari on Ayurvediya Swastha Vritta- Madhumeh.

  5. A paper presented on Plihodar- Yashaswi Chikitsa in National Conference held at Sangli- Presentation of two patients of Ascities with complete cure and no recurrence.

  6. Article on psoriasis treatment in Family-Doctor supplement of Sakal Paper.

Awards received

  1. Ayurved Bhushan Purskar from Dabur India Pvt. Ltd.

  2. Remarkable work in the field of community service  by Rotary International.

  3. Janseva Sadbhavana Award by IIGS, New Delhi.