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Examination of patients is very subjective in Ayurved. In every patient all examinations are done regarding his/her eating habits, sleep , excretory system, appetite, digestion, menstruation pattern, any addicaion, family history, other past disease history etc.
In every patient the disease process (samprati) is a little bit different than other. Once it is understood properly, treatment becomes easy. We in our clinic do the treatment of psoriasis with following guidelines

  • Medicines acting 0n liver Being the biggest chemical factory in body,It is responsible  for several metabolic activities. In ayurvedic perspective also derives liver (Yakrut) is the most important organ from Digestive system. Quality of Panchak pitla (digestive juices) secreted by the liver levies the quality of digestion. Good digestion ultimately leads to proper formation of dhatus (Basic building blocks of body-namely ras, rakta, mans, Meda, asthi, majja and shukra). If liver is affected by any cause, its ability to produce good quality bile is hampered and it leads to improper digestion. This is the stage where foundation of disease starts. So by means of ayurvedic medicines such as phalatrikadi guggul aarogyavardhini etc. blood purification and pittare chan functions occure

  • Klednashak & Aampachan Treatment – Due to the factors stated previously in the paragraph of causes of Skin disease, the agni (digestive power) is diminished an this agnimandya (weakness of digestive power) leads to production of Kleda & aama (Undigested semiliquid –sticky substance. These undigested, toxic substances are production in excess quality in psoriasis. With the help of agnivardhak medicines (Digestion improving) of tikta and Kashay taste the effect of aama & keeda is nullified.


  • Medicines Controlling CellDivisions  process :  As the psoriatic person is supposed to be deficient of certain protein present in the chromosome, his skin-cell division speed is increased up to ten times more. The skin cell which life is approx. 30 days, starts to die within 3-4 days. This is the key pethology in psoriasis. According to Ayurved, Vata dosh is responsible for this activity. Hence, certain herbomineral formulations having vatashamak properties are used to check this enhanced cell-divisions process.


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