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Abhyang (massage with medicated oil) is very soothing to skin. It checks the process of scales formation,avoids chances of infection to exposed skin. It lessens itching. Due to abhyang skin remains moist for whole day. Dryness in the atmosphere worsens psoriasis, so daily oil – massage is quite beneficial to avoid recurrence and exaggretion of psoriasis. We advise sun-exposure after oil-massage for better results. After massage bath with warm water is advised without using soap. Instated of that herbal combination of some powders like Vidang, Indrajav, triphala, etc. is advised. Soap removes the essential oiliness from the skin. Therefore use of soap should be avoided permanently to overcome recurrence. 


Medicted Ghee :  Cow Ghee (Clarified butter)  processed with around 30 herbs having blood –purification properties is given to the patients. Avoiding dryness and itching of the skin, offering normal colour to the skin, raising immunity are some of the functions of medicated ghee. It pacifies pitta and vata doshas.


Leech application / Blood lelting (Raktamokshan) – If the lesions of psoriasis are thicker and not responding quickly as per expectation, then leech (Jalauka)

a small creature like a snail is applied.. These wonderful leeches suck some blood from that portion and as effect of that healing process is fastened.This therapy is devoid of any adverse effect and popular in India since thousands of year. American FDA also has approved the leech application therapy

  • Siravedh:-Some times blood in amount of 75-100 ml is removed with disposable needle from blood vessel to pacify the symptoms like server itching, jont pain etc.




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